Securities Client Trading Fees

Below are the fees that HR Trader will charge to clients for the services listed. All questions regarding the fees listed should be directed to the Client Services Team at +1.800.317.1994 or Please note that the list may not be all inclusive and is subject to change.

Commission Rates

Stocks Commission Per Share Trade Fees
US Listed Securities
(> $1.00/share)
Equities and ETF Orders
$0.00 $0.50 per executed order (Routing fee)
$0.13 per $10,000 sold (SEC fee)
$0.20 per 1,000 shares (DTC/NSCC fee)
Options Commission Per Contract Trade Fees
US Listed Securities
Limit and Market Orders
Single/Multi-Leg Spreads
$0.00 $0.50 per executed leg (Routing fee)
$0.13 per $10,000 sold (SEC fee)
$0.05 per executed contract or a flat rate of $55 after 1,100 contracts (OCC fee)
$0.0343 per executed contract (ORF fee)
Other Trades
Preferred Stock, Warrants, Hybrids, Closed-End Funds Additional $0.005 per share
All Broker Assisted Trades Additional $20.00 per trade

Margin Rates

Margin Debit / Loan Balance Rate
$0 – $100,000 4.25%
$100,000 – $500,000 3.75%
Over $500,000 Call Us

Account Information

Account Details
Required Minimum Initial Account Deposit $30,000
Interest Paid on Free Cash Balances 0.25%


Membership Fee
HR Trader $25.00 per month
HR Trader Prime $0.00 per month (if qualified)
Treasury Fees
Stop Payment $35.00
Bounced Check $50.00
Copy of Check $10.00
Domestic Wire $30.00
International Wire $50.00
Returned Wire $20.00
Outgoing Check $5.00
Outgoing ACH $0.00
Returned ACH $10.00
Overnight Check Delivery $35.00
International Check Delivery At cost
Settlement and Transfer Fees
Trading Activity Fee $0.000119 per share (equity sells)
$0.002 per contract (option sells)
DTC Delivery Transfer $10.00 per position
Outbound ACAT $75.00
Incoming ACAT $0.00
Partial ACAT $25.00
DRS Deposit/DWAC Transfer $225 plus TA Fees
Voluntary Corporate Action $50.00 per event
Mandatory Corporate Action $30.00 per event
Stock Mandatory Redemption $40.00 per event
Option Exercise $5.00 per exercise
Securities Write Off $2.50 per write off

HR Trader reserves the right to assess securities client trading fees in its sole discretion and at any time, as some fees may not be known at the time an order is placed. HR Trader clients who are deemed to be professional subscribers for the purposes of receiving market data will incur additional costs as assessed by our quote data vendor.

Should your trading strategy or style cause our designated executing brokers to incur additional costs, we reserve the right to pass on the cost to you up to $0.005/share or $1.00 per contract.

Should your account record an abnormal amount of cancelled trades, we reserve the right to immediately suspend trading and charge an appropriate penalty for such actions.